Terms and conditions

Conditions of sale

  1. The relations between both parties, Velco and the Customers (or Seller - Buyers), are regulated by the sales conditions here indicated. These conditions replace in full and overcome any different agreement previously taken, either written or verbal.  The products Velco distributes are not designed to be employed in machinery intended to be inserted in the human body or to keep life under control, nor to be employed in nuclear applications. In case the Customer intends to employ Velco products for such applications or functions, he must first ask the authorization to Velco itself, which will have to supply a document issued by its General Manager certifying the suitability, in conformity with the likewise certificate to be under scribed by the related manufacturer.
  2. Velco accepts exclusively written orders, which are subject to confirmation from our vendors. Any following modification to the order is only valid if approved in writing by Velco. The execution, even partial, of the order, or any other accomplishment towards the Customer on Velco part is not valid, and cannot be intended as a tacit or implied agreement of any general contract condition, if this is not explicitly approved and undersigned by the legal representative of Velco itself.
  3. Selling prices can be modified by Velco, even without pre-advise, accordingly to the market and to the change of currency rating.
  4. In the event of cancellation of an already confirmed order by Velco, the buyer of this order will have to pay the following penalties:
    • a) 25% of the billing price of the ordered goods cancelled afterwards.
    • b) 15% of the price in case of postponed delivery time of the goods.Orders of special or  “custom” products cannot be cancelled, expect in particular conditions that have to be agreed. Anyhow, the cancellation (even partial) of the order, or the postponing of the delivery terms, are considered accepted only and exclusively with written confirmation from Velco on condition that the request of cancellation is notified 6 working weeks before the original delivery date (for standard items) and 15 working weeks before for special or “custom” products. Compensation for superior damage could also be evaluated.
  5. Velco will not be responsible for the non-conformity of the goods to the specifications indicated in the catalogue, nor for any other fact not due to Velco itself. The technical information printed in the catalogue is based exclusively on data mentioned by manufacturers for which Velco doesn’t bear any responsibility. The products and the product specifications are subject to change or discontinuation without notice for any reasons. Therefore, before deciding to use the products, the Customer shall refer to the Vendor for all the related information thereon. Velco will not bear any liability or responsibility for any damage arising from misuse or inappropriate use of the products.
  6. For the supplied goods, only the warranty supplied by the original manufacturer is valid, and this is referred to a proper use of the merchandise. The warranty is exclusively valid towards the direct Velco Customer; complaints arising from third parties will not be accepted.  Since Velco is not responsible for the manufacturing of the goods, Velco will proceed replacing or repairing the merchandise showing technical defects, according to the terms and conditions prescribed by the warranty indicated by the manufacturer. In particular, the warranty period is that indicated by the manufacturer.  Warranty is excluded in case the defects or flaws are due to an improper use of the product by the Customer.  In any case, Velco is to respond for the warranty of products exclusively in those cases and conditions prescribed in the Italian Law DPR 24.5.88 nr. 224.
  7. Any defect or flaw in the delivered goods must be notified by writing by the Customer with the utmost promptness, and in any case no later than 8 days from the receipt of the goods. After 8 days from the receipt of the goods, complaints are not accepted. In the event of hidden defects, such term starts from the day the defects have been found. Once such defects have been certified, and promptly pointed out, Velco will choose, at its discretion, to substitute, repair or credit the defective goods. Samples and prototypes are supplied as such and are not subject to warranty.
  8. The goods are delivered Free Our Stock Velco;  therefore the transport risk is completely on the Buyer’s part. The goods are considered to be in the Customer’s hands in the exact moment they are consigned to the forwarder, or directly to the Customer   at Velco warehouse. Also for the goods shipped with carriage unpaid or with debit in invoice of the forfeiting carriage cost, the risk of delivery will pass to the buyer at the precise moment the parcel is given to the forwarder.
  9. Velco is not responsible for any delayed delivery of goods, since delivery time is always to be considered approximated. It depends on the availability of the goods at the manufacturers’ place, on the regular settlement of the open invoices on the part of the Customer, etc. Moreover, in case circumstances beyond its reasonable control prevent Velco from the complete or partial performance of its contract obligations, Velco shall bear no responsibility and will not be liable to any compensation for damage.  The delayed delivery cannot be considered a valid reason for contract rescission, and neither for one-sided decision on the part of the buyer to extend the payment of supplies beyond the agreed time.
  10. No return of goods is admitted without a written Return Material Authorisation from Velco.  Velco will give the buyer a RMA number to be clearly marked on any shipping papers. The request of returning goods has to be transmitted in writing; the technical reasons and references of the shipping list (and relative invoice) have to be clearly stated. The returned products must be complete, undamaged, unsoldered, complete of any accessories, and in good packaging. The shipping costs are at complete charge of the buyer, and Velco reserves the faculty to definitively accept the return within 8 days from receipt date upon checking the goods integrity or within 30 working days from the issue of laboratory test results on the part of the factory, when necessary. The return authorization does not automatically give right to the Customer of crediting or substitution of the goods.
  11. In case of delayed payment, Velco will have the right of debiting the interests on arrears as prescribed by the  Dlgs 231/02 (EEC regulation 2000/35).
  12. Exportations: for all exported merchandise the buyer has to bear responsibility to accomplish all pertaining international authorisations and regulations in force, also in matter of export of high technology products.
  13. For any dispute the jurisdiction is exclusively that of Vicenza.  
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